The War on Huawei and 5G is really about 21st century economic relevance (image credit: Ketima/123rf)

HTC Vive’s Ecosystem Press Conference in VR (Source: VIVE China)

How can the species survive and thrive?

Who is more innovative in banking? Banks, BigTech or Fintech Startups?

The term Fintech™ will no longer be free to use

“Everybody’s Bitcoin Mining…” (sung to the tune of Kung Fu Fighting)

Why Bitcoin won’t result in the complete collapse of society, but might result in an energy revolution

I, for one, welcome our coming robot overlords, but only if we don’t screw them up by teaching them to mimic human thinking

Life in the Smart Lane

Why overthrowing the banking system isn’t working, and why we need a new plan

Brett King

Author of The Rise of #Technosocialism, Founder & Provoke Media | @AmerBanker Innovator of the Year | Podcast & Radio Show Host | Speaker | Futurist

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