The War on Huawei and 5G is really about 21st century economic relevance (image credit: Ketima/123rf)

5G is the term given to 5th generation technology used on broadband cellular networks. By 2025, it is estimated that close to 2 Billion subscribers (roughly 20–25% of the global population) will be using 5G connections for watching streaming video, playing and downloading video games, and making phone calls, etc…

HTC Vive’s Ecosystem Press Conference in VR (Source: VIVE China)

Normally at this time of year, I’d be winding down for a summer break after an admittedly brutal 3 months on the road speaking at conferences and events all around the world. In 2019 that meant 33 countries for the calendar year and an aggregated audience of more than 30,000…

How can the species survive and thrive?

I’ve been reading and thinking a great deal about how CoVID-19, AI, Climate Change and such will change the way we act as a species (for a positive future).

Unless you like being shut-in, without work, access to basic services and the economy crumbling around you, my guess is you…

Who is more innovative in banking? Banks, BigTech or Fintech Startups?

I was reading some posts last week from my mates Chris Skinner and Ron Shevlin that got me thinking. Since the first neo banks and early challenger banks¹ emerged in the period from 2008–2014, we’ve seen a flurry of innovative new features, apps, and strategies. The largest of the neo’s…

The term Fintech™ will no longer be free to use

NEW YORK, New York., April 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/

In what has been described as a hard-fought legal battle the 13th District Court of New York issued a clear victory for the group known as the Fintech Mafia today over a multi-year legal dispute with the US Patents and Trademark Office…

“Everybody’s Bitcoin Mining…” (sung to the tune of Kung Fu Fighting)

Why Bitcoin won’t result in the complete collapse of society, but might result in an energy revolution

If you believe the hype, not only are bitcoin miners using more electricity than a number of small countries, but within just two years, Bitcoin is expected to take the world’s entire energy supply to continue its mining activities.

Here are some of the more outlandish claims surrounding Bitcoin’s energy…

The last thing we want are AIs flawed like humanity

I, for one, welcome our coming robot overlords, but only if we don’t screw them up by teaching them to mimic human thinking

This is an excerpt from my new book Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane

Since 2005 I’ve been predicting the decline of branch banking. For almost 10 years I fought bankers who decried my assessment that branches would cease to be the most important channel in banking, to be replaced…

Life in the Smart Lane

10, 30, 50 years out — what will your life be like? What jobs will our children have? What companies will be the biggest in the world? How will we live? Will our Robot Overlords treat us with kindness or ambivalence?

There are three core changes that are coming hard…

Why overthrowing the banking system isn’t working, and why we need a new plan

I’m part of an extremely passionate Bitcoin group on Facebook called “Bitcoin and the Internet of Money”. The group established by resident Facebook thought leader Alex Lightman 8 months ago, has grown to close to 3,500 members in that time and is my go to place for…

Brett King

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